Monday, February 23, 2015

Tonight's Great News Is...

OSgrid is online, with logins set level 255 admins only. We're testing in anticipation of reopening.

A HUGE thanks to opensim old timer Melanie Thielker of Avination grid for the technology and skillsets she brought to the table to get us back up and running and a HUGE thanks to new team member Allen Kerensky of Myriad fame on OSgrid and in SL -- these two people are become legends in their own time these past few months.


Our peers, our users and even our 'competition' came forward and helped foot the bill for the asset recovery. Did I mention that seems to have been successful, and we still have our dataset?

The degree of patience and understanding put on display during this chapter of our existence has been phenomenal. Even the hardcore trolls seemed to take it easy on us.

THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS. It makes me proud to know you.

Justin Clarke Casey, thank you for your profound patience and willingness to help, even though it was a misunderstanding that brought us to you for help. Even though we ended up with a different solution, your just being there and being willing to step up when we needed help is profound.

Everyone that I didn't mention: don't feel left out. You're sufficiently important that these incredible people bent over backwards to do this for you, for us :)

Congratulations to us all and welcome back, OSgrid :)

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