Monday, February 23, 2015

Like a phoenix...

I'm back!

It'd be pretty easy to say I'd gotten busy and forgotten this blog, but it simply wasn't the case; I just didn't feel like it was something that I could continue at the time, given various factors.

I wont get into them now, they were predominantly negative, and are now well-placed in the past.

So, I'm resurrecting this blog. I'm not going to bother trying to recap all that has transpired in the world, virtual and otherwise, in the last five or six years since I last updated this blog; I think it will actually be that much more effective to acknowledge a great deal of change, and move forward from there. After all, the only people who don't know what has happened in the interim are imaginary ;)

SO without further ado, I'll do what we all do, given a chance, and I'll lay down some NEWS:

-- OSgrid, which has been offline now for some months, has been recovered at the considerable expense of our users and peers, re-engineered by Melanie Thielker (of Avination), re-implemented by Allen Kerensky, Nebadon Izumi, and Hiro Protagonist, under Melanie's guidance, and is about to enter testing in anticipation of a reopening, ETA coming Real Soon Now. See Allen Kerensky's excellent press release on status at

-- OpenSimulator, the software upon which we build our metaverse, and the respective so-called 'viewers' have reached a level of maturity and functionality that, for the first time (at least in my estimation), not only meets the standard set forth by Linden Lab(tm) and Second Life(tm), but in many respects far exceeds that standard. Extreme Internet High Five Over The Top Kudos to all the developers past and present, for all that you have done and continue to do!

-- Long-time OpenSimulator hosting company SimHost Pty Ltd (disclaimer: I'm 40% partner) had their domain name ( hijacked, and is now to be found at

I'll get into more detail on these and other matters in the coming future. For now, I'll just say it's great to be back in a position to have great things to say and to have the time to say them :)

James Stallings aka Hiro Protagonist on OSgrid

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