Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh wait, I have to give this post a title??

Interesting that I should mention the Phoenix in the title of my comeback post and then have someone just this afternoon try to reach out to me from the "Metaverse Messenger" profile on linkedin.

Phoenix Psaltery or Katt Kongo, if that is actually you, I don't do linked in, it's a piece of crap. If you want to reach me, you can do it without the mediating intervention of linkedin.

'Nuff said.

Just 'cuz it was the last thing I was talking about before I last let this blog fall into a disgraceful state of fallowness, lo these many years hence, right now I'm gonna get into scripted vehicles.

The news:

Thanks to a fellow who goes by the name of Robert Adams, and a small army of invested testers, they work! Not only do they work, they work well, and largely as they do in Second Life (tm). You go, Robert! (When Robert goes, we all go! xD)

My current go-to is a Flying Tako, with some minor modifications as made by Kitto Flora, back when he was working on these things (I suspect that an unmodified copy would probably work better, but I don't have one on hand at the moment). As I understood it at the time, his modifications were not comprehensive.

Additionally, I have some good car scripts working, and a few decent airplane scripts, and thats just *my* work - others have been more prolific and obtained to much more success.

But the really big news is the backporting of Revolution Smythe's 'var region' code from the Aurora project; I'm not sure who to thank for this, but when I do, I'll have kind words for them. 'Var' in 'var region', as you might imagine, means variable sized. Originally, Rev wanted to be able to make just about any shape of region; but in the backport to opensim, they have to be rectangular. This is not a terrible thing; I run a var that is 2km on a side, and it works as well as anything smaller I ever ran.

Teravus Ousley's old megaregion hack does not begin to compare in terms of functionality, stability, and performance, but it will be recalled with fondness and appreciation none-the-less. Recalled, because I'll be running 'var' code.

So yes, I have room for my cruising, no matter what sort of vehicle I'm working with.

This all works phenomenally well; I take a summer's leave of absence to work a side job, and wow, it's like a whole new piece of software.

No complaints here!

Keep calm and code on!


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