Friday, April 3, 2015


When it rains it pours!

Or so the story goes.

Been doing lots of stuff of course, and it gets interrupted.

This time: File system and potential disk drive failure on my boot drive. Quick trip down to Fry's, drop a hundred bones, and come home with a new SATA III 128GB SSD. Reinstall. Carry on.

Other than such interruptions and the general operation of FirstLife, I had been predominantly involved with boning up on blender. That was going smashingly but got put on the side burner when Nebadon Izumi mentioned that he'd gotten accepted into the High Fidelity alpha. That kinda torqued me, as I had gotten declined for that alpha nearly two years ago (I applied within days of the project being announced). I was probably just too early ;)

The next day I decided I'd start pestering people to get in; 10 seconds after I sent Dude an email, they threw open the doors for everyone. Well sorta. Windows peeps just download the software and go; Mac users have to build it, but with much support; and linux users, well, lets say we are famous for self and mutual support and leave it at that.

I'm still not in, but I am very excited about the project due to its licensing and architecture; it is fully open source, and uses some fairly generic services in the backend, and has some fairly progressive features up front. Blender-friendly mesh assets, js scripting over the V8 engine, and the Qt c++ gui framework for the client software; all in all, it has everything it needs to succeed famously. Time will tell, like it always does.

Things on OSgrid are going very well. The grid backend has never been more stable or reliable; thanks Melanie Thielker. BulletSim is coming to the fore as a solid solution to opensim's physics simulation needs, and Robert Adams &co. are doing a fine and very productive job of it; and I am sponsoring a builder/scripter dude with much talent and potential by the name of Vegaslon Plutonian. He's big into vehicles and has a funneh little android suit for an avatar ;)

Victor Cruiser has done all the bits needed for yacht racing, and has a basic script he is refining. It wont be long until we have a good racing circuit.

Thats about it for now I reckon!

See ya in the 'verses :D


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