Thursday, December 4, 2008

Building Rexx Viewer on Linux

First off, the source is BIG. Weighing in at 20MB, it's a hefty download.

Having just unzipped it, I am surprised to see no README or INSTALL in the archive root. This is not especially encouraging. What is there are four directories: avatargenerator, maxscriptexport, rexmeshtool, and rexviewer.

With the complete dearth of any sort of build instructions, I am left with no choices but educated guesses - I rather suspect that avatargenerator and maxscriptexporter are utilities, and so I will begin with what might be the one included dependency, rexmeshtool. Here goes Norton!

Ok, so the rexmeshtool directory would appear to contain some sort of microsoft project. My guess is, there is no nant build configuration in the .sln file. Let's go see :D

Well, that didnt go far LOL

No nant .build file - this is essentially a microsoft-only project, and without a bit more work from the it's devs, it simply isnt going anywhere on linux.

I'd love to yell long and loud about the many things I had to do to get this to build - but unfortunately, that isnt going to happen.

So what I will yell long and loud about is this: This project is in NO WAY ready for building on linux. It may be a few short steps from it - it may be light years from it.

But without at least a prebuild file to gen a nant config to bootstrap the build process, it just isnt going to happen.

I will be keeping my eye on this, and on the Rexx guys - but they have a bit more work to do if they truly want to see this run on a linux desktop. Keep an eye on this blog for news relating to progress along these lines.

Cheers for now :)
Hiro P

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