Saturday, March 14, 2015


Things have been going well at OSgrid since the recovery, less a few hiccups here and there -- actually far fewer than any reasonable person would anticipate.


As I mentioned previously, I've visited SL a few times recently, looking for virtual sailboat legends. I basically got told to go home. I imagine I'll go back there, I enjoyed all the 'busy-ness' of it. They've made some significant technical improvements, things worked very well. Always a mixed bag of tricks, a visit to Nexus Prime on the old mainland revealed that the classic SL cyberpunk build is gone. Somewhere inside, where a little piece of me will forever wear metal clad leather boots, I wept a bit.

Back on the home grid, we've been revitalized in the broad sense. Concurrency is up 30%, and scripted vehicles are making a big impact on the social scene. Of course with much activity comes discovery.

We've discovered that large var regions are moderately problematic from the perspective of building and scripting. Due to the constant resend of parcel bitmaps, there is a heavy performance penalty each time one right clicks upon anything; the penalty increases as a power of two with each similar increase in geographic simulation footprint.

This is the first technical reason I've ever uncovered in support of the notion that more real estate requires more resources.

This issue has a pretty negative effect on building and scripting; I now do such things in one or the other sandbox (I have my own too) and largely use items on the big vars that I have prepared elsewhere; as far as purpose goes, they're great for about anything but development once built.


All in all, things seem to be going pretty well, small problems here and there but nothing terrible thus far. Stay frosty, keep calm, and keep being awesome :)

James Stallings aka Hiro Protagonist on OSgrid

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